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Check out a few of our new benefits and products:

Several International Mobile Apps that you can save money and earn money starting TODAY!  There is even one that gives you $10 for just using the app one time.!

This is a monthly magazine that is filled with tips and tricks to building a business, along with informational articles on being an entreprenuer.  We've even added articles from a doctor, a crossword puzzle, and a recipe of the month!

The name says it all.  You can Kiss Retail Goodbye and save money on all your everyday purchases.

Save on all your everyday purchases!

Save on all your prescriptions!

Hundreds of coupons to save you money!

Save on BIG ticket items - Cars, Flooring, etc.

Huge savings on all your travel needs!

Save money at our unique shops!

Enjoy up to 90% savings on dining out!

Save money on your favorite restaurant chains!

Earn While You Learn

This is just a small sample of categories you will have access to!

Hundreds of "How To" Videos!

E-Book of the Month Club!

Easy to Read E-Book

Video Marketing is HUGE!  Anyone can make their own Videos promoting their business, but you need background music, video backgrounds, and different fonts to bring your Video Alive!    These tools are just what you need to create your own unique video!



These products are designed to give you an opportunity to earn an additional income.

Not only can you earn, but these products can be great "door openers" to sharing The Freeway Connection Opportunity!

For the first time, you will have complete access to products that will save you money on all your everyday purchases, PLUS access to ALL of our exclusive travel savings.  Whether you are looking for an overnight stay at hotel or HUGE Condo Savings where you will enjoy UNBELIEVABLE savings on a 7 night vacation, we have you covered.


HOTEL SAVINGS: Whether you are looking for a one night stay or a 10 night stay, our hotel savings is just what you need.  You will find savings on 3, 4 or 5 star hotels around the world.  Of course, your savings will be higher on the 4 and 5 star hotels.


Condo Savings:  Stretch your vacation dollar and enjoy luxurious condo-style living!  You and your family can now afford to enjoy an entire 7- night vacation at many popular destinations around the world for the low price of a quick weekend getaway!  You will have access to an extensive database of well-appointed condo and resort locations around the globe ranging from deluxe studios all the way to three and four bedroom paradise accommodations.


Whether you are traveling with family or friends

there's a luxury resort with your name on it

waiting for you right now!


Cruise Savings: Whether it's a quick, romantic 3 day sailing to the Bahamas or a luxury 10 day cruise to the Mediterranean, you'll love the peace of mind from getting the guaranteed best price plus additional rewards.  Your Savings Unlimited Travel Card gives you substantial savings off the full brochure prices plus many other savings and rewards.




You will have access to the best prices on airfare.  Not only that you will have access to our travel center where you can customize a vacation just for you!  We help you every step of the way.  One of the great features about our Sports Packages is access to those "hard to get" tickets wrapped around your airfare and hotel.  Then, how about going on an exciting tour vacation, where the entire trip is jammed pack with activities and tours to the most sought after attractions in the most sought after cities around the world.  Okay, let's say you know where you are going, but would like to receive discounts on some of the activities you want to do - well, just let us know and we can get you set up with discount admission to things such as Disney World, Shows and Concerts, Tours, and so much more.

Members of The Freeway Connection have enjoyed saving money on all types of products and services for many years.


Take a look at some of the testimonies we have received over the years.


Members save money on their tickets to all types of venues.  Here's an example.  New York Yankee Tickets, regular cost $90, our member got them for $6 each.


How about flooring for your house.  One couple saved over $4,000.00


Electronics, Ink . . . Anything you can think of you can save money, including groceries!


What about a new car - Yes, you can save money on your purchase of a new car!


Travel - everyone loves to travel and we have the best deals around.


Take a look at one of our members who saved over $1,200 when they took their vacation to Hawaii!


Members are savings money, earning money and using the tools to build very lucrative home based businesses.

All of our products have been designed with YOU in mind.  From saving money on all your purchases to easily learning how to market a business, The Freeway Connection has you covered.


Start Savings Today!


You have heard the saying, "A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED" right?  What if I showed you how ordinary people are saying, "A HUNDRED SAVED IS A HUNDRED EARNED"?  Would you jump on the opportunity, especially if you knew you could do this DOING WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY DOING?


With The Freeway Connection, you get the best of both worlds. In the economy that we live in today , there is such a need to save money on the things we use each and every day (when you can save money on an item and then redirect that savings to another part of your budget that's a WIN). There is also the other side of the coin; most people are trying to make ends meet by the end of the month,  therefore they need to earn more money and The Freeway Connection can help there as well. When you can earn a big fat commission just by referring others to a terrific opportunity that's a WIN.


The Freeway Connection also contains a wide range of Direct Sales Products that you can purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.  We show you how to use these products to open the door to sharing The Freeway Connection and at the same time earn an additional income.


Our selection of tools that you have access to within our product packages are second to none, along with E-Books that you will not find anywhere, except here at The Freeway Connection.


All of our product packages includes:


  • Replicated Website
  • Back Office Tracking Technology
  • "Live" Customer Service
  • Marketing Materials
  • Training

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