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Compensation Overview

Whether you choose to use our Follow The Steps Systems or SUPERCHARGE your business or purchase one Product Package, you have the unique opportunity to build a very lucrative home business with any or all of our product packages.  No matter the size of your budget, we can show you how to leverage a small amount of money into over $1,000,000 per year!


Start saving and earning money immediately with our unique benefit package.  Included in your packages are a digital magazine filled with tips to build your business, along with our savings packages on your everyday purchases, including travel.  This is a simple 3x6 matrix with 2 upgrades.  This is a HUGE Attention Getter1

A Discount Membership Buying Company where you save money on your Every Day purchases.  This is a 5x5 forced matrix with 2 upgrades.

Learn while you Earn in this 4x4 forced matrix.  Get into profit QUICK!  Heck it is only 340 people!  With your team of 39 and their team of 39, your matrix is filled and you are earning an easy $1,360.00 per month.

As an Independent Representative, you will have the ability to earn an additional income by introducing others to the opportunity to owning their own home business.  You will be placed in our unique 2x2 Compensation Structure where you can earn between $53 to $3,456 over and over again, in  additional to any products you purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.  Each level is completely separate of each other, giving you the ability to choose which product you desire!  Our 2by2ForYou pays WEEKLY.

This is a simple 3x3 (39 people - 3 on level 1, 9 on level 2, and 27 on level3).  Our Independent Representatives are earning $510.00 per month in Phase 1. The Sky is the Limit with our 100% Matching Override Commissions in Phase 2.  You can write your own paycheck in Phase 2.  You will earn 100% Matching Override Commissions in Phase 2 for every person you personally sponsor.


Let's say you personally sponsor 5 people and they have a completed matrix - they are earning $510 per month, you will earn $510 per month x the 5 people = $2,550 per month, month after month after month.  Think about 10 people you personally sponsor, that's $5,100 per month if they have a completed matrix of 39!  There is no limit as to how many people you can earn 100% Matching Override Commissions!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Our unique compensation structure is giving ordinary people around the world the opportunity to achieve financial freedom within months!  You get paid referral commissions for doing what you already do! This is by far one of the simplest and best business to talk about to anyone and everyone.  Who doesn't love finding great deals and saving a ton of money? Everyone does and in today's economy, most people are looking for ways to stretch their budget!



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